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88% of searches for local businesses on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours and 18% result in a purchase within one day.

If you're not getting enough local business each day, let us help you.


What we do

We offer a solution to help you get found by ready-to-buy customers who want your services or products. Our online business identity specialists will help your company professionally and properly set up its Google My Business profile and/or the company's Facebook Business Page. These profiles will help you capture more leads and sales that you’re missing out on daily! 



Allow customers to find your business on Google Maps & Google's search engine with a Google My Business profile. It also is a place for consumers to leave reviews or read previous reviews about your products or services. Start setting up your profile with Identity.Business today!



Increase your social media presence with a Facebook Business page and reach more customers online. A Facebook Business page allows customers to understand your brand, services, hours of service, and submit & read reviews. Start creating one with Identity.Business today!

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  • Why it's important?
  • How we do it!

Google My Business is a tool that helps customers find local businesses that can accomodate their product or service needs. Once a Google My Business profile is set up and properly optimized, users are able to search and find the company’s business profile in Google Search and Google Maps 3-pack results. With nearly one billion people actively using Google Maps, Google My Business is more than just a map listing. It is an online presence tool that every business owner should be taking advantage of!

What Types of Businesses Can Have a Google My Business Listing?

  • Businesses with physical locations
  • Mobile busineses
  • Professional or individual practitioners
  • Service area businesses 

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88% of users who perform local business searches on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours - are you helping them find you?

Build Trust With Customer Reviews

One of the most important aspects of having a Google My Business profile is building trust and credibility with your current and future customers and clients. Google has reported that businesses that verify their information with a Google My Business profile are twice as likely to be considered reputable by consumers. 

Reviews are crucial to earning consumer trust and credibility. According to 2019 online review stats, Prospective customers will read an average of 10 online reviews before they feel they can trust a local business.” A claimed, verified, and optimized Google My Business Profile helps display your positive reviews in every potential search query your business matches.

Understand Your Audience to Expand Your Online Presence

Once you have a live and verified Google My Business listing, you can also tap into your target consumer’s data, such as: 

  • how many people are clicking to call your business
  • how many people are clicking to visit your website You can even
  • track specific postal codes that customers are searching from
  • identify the keywords they are using to find you.

Having access to all this consumer data allows your business to have insights to reach your target audience and market to them online. Google My Business acts as an online social platform as well. It has the ability for customers and businesses to add images, and to add social posts to build awareness for your company or upcoming promotions.

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Businesses with an optimized and verified Google My Business profile saw a 5x increase in organic web traffic

Business Info Set Up

First, we want to learn all the ins and outs of your business:

  • Where are you located? Do you service one area, a wide range of areas, or are you a brick and mortar store?
  • What types of business are you, and what services do you offer?
  • Do you have an existing Google My Business profile that needs optimizing or do you need us to build your business a brand new profile?
  • Do you have images we can use to populate your profile?
  • Do you have any existing reviews on other review sites?
  • How can customers get in touch with you?

Claim & Verify Your Google My Business Profile

Once we have all your company info, we can start populating your Google My Business profile. However in order to have a live profile you have to go through the verification process and we can help you with this.

Understanding the Importance of Requesting Google Reviews 

As you have read in the last two sections, reviews are crucial to having a positive and reputable online presence with your Google My Business Profile. We can help your company set up review templates and widgets to encourage customers to leave a review after every purchase or service completed.

A Step Further With Local SEO Strategy & Ranking in the Top 3 Map Listings

Now that your Google My Business listing is complete, verified and live, it doesn’t stop there. You want to rank in the top 3 map spots, so customers can find you online. You also want to engage with your customers and create social posts about promotions and your business.

Google My Business EXPERTS


  • What is it?
  • Why it's important?
  • How we do it!

Your business can make an impression on 2 billion people per day with Facebook

It’s no secret that Facebook is one of the most widely used social networks globally, with almost 2 billion daily active users since its inception in 2004. Facebook’s designated Business Pages allow business owners to create visibility and forge an identity for their brand in the same place that these 2 billion people have conversations with peers, stay updated on current events, and catch up on jokes.

Facebook Business Pages are like a global business directory; each page lists the business type, contact information, services available, hours of operation, customer reviews, and allow you to share engaging posts with your audience, including photos, videos, testimonials, and promotions.

What Kind of Businesses Need a Facebook Business Page?

All of them! If you are selling a product or service, exposure and awareness are essential; simply put, your target audience can't make a purchase from you if they've never seen you, and don't know who you are. Creating and optimizing a Facebook Business Page creates an additional brand presence that can be found within Facebook and in search engine results, and provides information to your target audience that fosters customer confidence in your business, influences purchase decisions, and encourages testimonials that help bring in new customers. 

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There are 80 million active Facebook Business Pages - is yours one of them?

Establish Your Brand's Identity & Voice

You may already have a website that indicates the product and services you are trying to sell, but does it provide your audience and potential customers with an understanding of who you and your team are, and your core business values? Facebook Business Pages provide an additional arena to establish how you want your brand and team to be seen. 

Values-driven purchase decisions have increased across both Millennial and Gen-X consumers, making a company's core values a competitive advantage in capturing the attention of consumers who are passionate about the same issues.

High Engagement with Word-of-Mouth Marketing

The average person spends roughly 38 minutes per day on Facebook - that’s 38 minutes each day that your business has the opportunity to engage with each potential customer. With 54,000 links being shared every 60 seconds, Facebook is an invaluable vehicle for word-of-mouth marketing; without your own Facebook presence and active posting, you miss out on being one of those 54,000 links, every minute of the day. 

An SEO Sidekick

Facebook is also a powerful SEO tool. Facebook Business Pages and posts are able to appear in Google Search Results, just like any other well-optimized webpage; the better optimized your Business Page and posts, the more likely they are to get found both in and outside of the Facebook network. Each page or blog post you share on Facebook from your website is an opportunity for a valuable backlink to your website that is able to be shared over and over, from page to page. 

See Why We Do It »

Businesses with Facebook Business Pages optimized by Xi's Identity Team saw up to 50% more referral traffic in the first month. 

Custom Facebook Business Page optimization with Xi Digital

The Social Media team at Xi Digital performs advanced keyword research to understand the type of information and products your target demographic is interested in, and the search terms they are using to find them. We then build fully SEO-optimized Facebook Business Pages in order to maximize engagement, drive website traffic, and increase conversions.

We'll create a business description that gets you found in Google, and flesh out your list of services so your potential customers are well-informed, and your web or ecommerce site receives more qualified leads! Identity.Business for Facebook Business Pages includes:

  • Business Info setup & Short Name creation
  • Keyword-rich About Us, Short Description & Services listings
  • Engaging calls-to-action
  • Create an example Facebook post for you

A Step Further with Social Strategy

Not sure what to do once your Facebook Business Page is set up?  Our Social Media Strategists create Social Media Marketing Strategies using extensive research on the best-performing deployment times for social media posts per social network, per industry, per post type, and per services provided. We create Custom Social Media Calendars, as well as design and schedule posts for clients based on this research, then utilize Analytics Data to track your Social Media Marketing progress. 

facebook businesss Team


Select Your Package

Choose optimization of one profile to start with our Google My Business Identity and Facebook Identity packages, or supercharge your brand awareness with our Google My Business + Facebook Identity Combo! With the Xi Business Identity Packages, you provide the basics, and we’ll make it business ready!

Xi Google My Business Identity Package


Ideal for those with an existing Google My Business page that needs to be properly optimized, or for companies who have pre-existing business and service information content to be properly optimized.

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Xi Facebook Identity Package


For businesses that have a pre-existing business description and product/service list and need to create a Facebook Business Page, or those with an existing Facebook Business Page that needs to be optimized.

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Xi Identity COMBO Package


Need help optimizing your Google My Business Profile and Facebook Business Page? Let us create and/or optimize both with the Xi Identity Combo Package. Get 2 robust packages for one great price!

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User Reviews

Read reviews from clients who've used Xi Digital’s online marketing services.

Daniel Grodzinski

Owner of Grodzinski Bakery

They are extremely professional, were always attentive to our needs and answered any and all of our questions. Fantastic to work with, and very reasonable. Would recommend for anyone!



CEO of Great Northern Insulation

The group at XI are true professionals that deliver real results. I have the utmost confidence in the team to ensure my requests are being fulfilled in a timely manner and that the final product will exceed my expectations. Regularly, you have to make decisions on where to allocate marketing spend/budget. Sometimes when you invest in a marketing initiative, you are not sure if you are getting the 'bang for your buck' so to speak. However, when working with XI, they ensure that all results are reported on transparently and regularly over time so that you can monitor your marketing investment and ensure it is generating the returns you need. They will also take that strategy and adjust/tweak it over time so that you have a truly optimized program/initiative. I would highly recommend XI if you are looking to invest further in the online/digital space.


Ronen Yossef

Owner of Car Systems Installation

Easy to work with, great guys doing an amazing job and personal customer service. Highly recommended to promote you business.


Guy Price

CEO of Matrix Remediation

One of the few companies that truly "under-promise and over-deliver". Thank you for getting us on to the first page of google. Your expertise and superior customer service are greatly appreciated.


Nathan Cantkier

Uvonair Marketing Manager

Exceptional customer service, staff and attention to detail. The job isn't done until the customer is happy and Mark, Boris and their team will go above and beyond to make sure of this!



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